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Our booking procedure

After agreeing on dates and price:


1. I send you an email with a standard contract [email]


2. You fill in the contract, read the safety instructions, and put your initials on every page and sign the last page.  You send back the contract signed [email or fax]


3. I initialize, sign the contract and send it back to you [email]


4. Only after receiving the contract signed you transfer 30% of the total amount (rent+deposit)


5. One or two weeks arrival I send you a link to information about the house (manual, directions), name (email and phone number) of your contact person.


6. Before arrival the 70% of the total (rent + deposit) must have reached my account. Be aware that the contact person is not allowed to let you in the house unless the payment is completed at the time of your arrival.


7. Check-in: at the time of arrival, together with your contact person, you will go over the house and the things in it, checking their functioning and signing a check-in form.

If your arrival is late at night it may be possible to get you the keys, and postpone the check-in to the morning after.


8. Check-out: If you need to leave very early or late the previous day, please, let us know so that we can schedule a check-out time. Together with your contact person, you will go again over the house and the things in it, checking their functioning. You will sign together a form and if any damages need to be covered by part of the deposit you will be notified in person. Be aware that if you don't give the contact person a chance to perform the check out, any costs that we may incur into to return he money via bank transfer will be taken out of the deposit.


9. If no damages were reported or noticed at the time of check-out your contact person will give you back the full deposit, otherwise she will leave the matter to the owner who will return the part of the deposit after expenses via bank transfer.

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