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Viareggio is an old sea-side resort and fishermen's port.


In the late 19th - early 20th century Viareggio rose in popularity due to its beautiful location, its long and wide stretch of white sand and the creation of fancy bathing establishments and luxurious hotels.

Princes and nobles from all over Europe would come and spend some time during the good season.


Chariots and rich dresses were only half of the identity of this small sea town.

Sailing ships carrying goods from any part of the Mediterranean basin, master "calafati" (ship builders) building beautiful tall ships. This was the other half of this interesting town.


Today one can find the signs of both of these identities in the liberty style houses, the richly decorated old hotels and in the old port neighborhood ("darsena") and in the beautiful yachts shipping out of our shipyards.


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